InduKey® based near Treuen in Germany, is the leading supplier of rugged Industrial Keyboards and Input Devices. InduKey® products are manufactured to the highest standard of quality, whilst being ruggedized to withstand dirty, dusty and wet conditions. InduKey provides practical solutions to specific application requirements, whatever your market.


InduKey manufactures a wide range of standard and customised Industrial Keyboard solutions. All products are sealed to a minimum of IP65 and feature various integral Pointing Devices such as Res/Cap Touch Pads, 38mm/50mm/Optical Trackerballs, Mouse Button and Joy Stick. Our range includes Short Travel, Metal-dome, Silicone Rubber, Stainless Steel vandal-proof, Flexible Membrane and Long Travel Keyboards.


Custom keyboards, with their specific requirements, demand the most exacting standards of design and manufacture. InduKey has the expertise and experience to meet these standards and guarantee technical excellence every step of the way. We guarantee that the keyboards we design and produce for you are manufactured exactly according to your specifications.


By using the highest quality components InduKey can assure excellent reliability and durability of its Input Devices, even in the most adverse conditions or the most demanding environments. InduKey's solutions are deployed around the globe in applications requiring IP65 up to IP68 water-resistant sealing, as well as operation in extreme temperature ranges up to 70°C, or high precision applications such as in medical equipment, on board ships, in manufacturing plants and on aircrafts. With InduKey you can be sure of the highest level of quality in development, production and testing of your devices. In addition to high reliability, only InduKey can guarantee long-term availability of its standard and custom solutions.

The InduKey® Group

InduKey produces some of the best selling and highest quality Industrial Keyboards in the world. InduKey benefits from the advanced resources of a multi-national Group whilst retaining the flexibility of operation and high level of service enjoyed by existing InduKey customers.

At InduKey we create intelligent interface solutions, which understand your needs and enhance your efficiency.